14.Lynn Terrell-Stone(non-registered)
I am a photography major and in researching professional photographers I came across your work. I am very impressed!! Awesome shots! I aspire to shoot photos that are as beautiful as yours!
13.Wade Heavington/ Braden Hamilton(non-registered)
It was great to meet you today at The Ridge! Had a great time and have enjoyed looking at this site. Great work. Hope to see you again soon.By the way Braden was on the # 09 cr85. Thanks!!!
9.Kristy Long(non-registered)
Great Photos!Winters Grip has always been a favorite and love Leaf Me Alone.
8.Molly Baker(non-registered)
Love the hole in the clouds sun shinning down on moutains!! So proud your my brother!!!!
7.Mike Callahan(non-registered)

My great friend, I am so happy for you viewing your new website. I can honestly say you have helped me evolve in photography over the last years. You view the world through the eyes of an artist. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me and thanks to our great friend Joe Miller for introducing us. Look forward to many days of shooting together.
great pics JD.... I wish I had your patience and talent
5.Joe Miller(non-registered)
Love your new site Duncan! I really love your photography & your enthusiasm for the art form. Viewing your work has been an inspiration to me for years. We need to get together again soon!
4.Ben Long(non-registered)
Impressive work!
3.Will Long(non-registered)
Awesome photos.
2.Sally Hodges(non-registered)
Breathtaking photos!!! You have a wonderful talent.
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